The fine art of Tailoring.
A suit will be unique, every time.
A suit will be created for exactly one man, every time.
A suit will be a work of art, even tomorrow.


A sartorial atelier founded in 1962 by Marchesini's brothers.
It has always received all the care to make it grow, offering a whole life to a maniacal attention in the proportions and balances.
We talk about dedication, passion and art.


The dress is born for the client already in him mind.
It is designed, molded, realized exclusively for the person and him mood.
The model does not exist because it is born every time from scratch.


The style is said about clean lines, perfect harmony and surprising elegance.
The heart of craftsmanship.
The soul of fashion.

Meet us

The human relationship, the vis-à-vis meeting.
Personality becomes fundamental, said or transmitted by emotions.
The location is the frame.